Entrepreneurial mindset

It is an important step to be prepared for the world of entrepreneurship, that is developing an entrepreneurial mindset. The entrepreneurial mindset is a required tool to call upon for employees of organisations of all sizes and types, as well as those undertaking all sorts of projects. As entrepreneurial mindset is needed by individuals throughout their lives, […]

Using blog in Teaching Entrepreneurship

I have a nice experience of using blog with students while teaching Entrepreneurship during 1st semester 2016-2017. It was lovely experience. while students were building knowledge, they improve their experience using the blog since it was the first time for them as well to use it. I was very happy reading their blogs as they reflect […]

Social Entrepreneurship

RECYCLING INITIATIVE at CBA in KSU is a Social Entrepreneurship (SE) project that 103 MGT students are working on during the first semester started on 18 Sep. 2016 t0 4 Jan.2017. So, students are required to build knowledge and experience on SE during this time. based on this all of them have to answer the following questions […]

welcome to my blog

Hi This the first post in the blog for 103 mgt course titled Entrepreneurship. I will start teaching this course on 18th of Sep. 2016 in the College of Business Administration at KSU. I wish all students a very useful and enjoyable semester. Best wishes dr.Wafa